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Approve Worksighted to Manage Office 365

Recently, Microsoft announced changes to how they handle billing and support for partners (like Worksighted). The changes are aimed at providing partners with more control and access to support so we can resolve issues quicker and with less hoops to jump through. These changes will be mostly transparent to you and your users, however, billing will change (pricing will remain the same). Instead of Microsoft managing the billing for Microsoft Office 365, this will be managed by Worksighted.

Please approve below and you will get directed to the Microsoft Customer Agreement, where you can electronically signed the MCA. Remember, pricing is exactly the same. The only change is that we will be invoicing on behalf of Microsoft.

We are excited by these improvements and believe it will provide a better experience for you on the already great Office 365 platform. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns!

Please fill out the form below and add your credentials to the Microsoft Customer Agreement that you’ll automatically be directed to. Once signed, you’re all done and we’ll take it from here! 

Yes, please make the change!