Microsoft Teams Whitepaper

Make Teams Your Base of Operations

In this whitepaper, we’ve highlighted how Teams integrations, especially with Microsoft’s Power Platform, can help organizations take their base of operations and digital workplace to the next level.

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Meeting the Challenge of the Times

Organizations must make sure they put in the right base of operations if they are to overcome the current challenges posed by the pandemic. At Worksighted, we believe a base of operations should:

• Enable productivity, communication, and collaboration.
• Help establish and maintain company culture.
• Be flexible, customizable, and adaptable to deal with change.

Client Testimonial

In the recent past, employees would start the working day by logging into the company intranet. Now, it’s much more likely to be Microsoft Teams.

Meet the Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a powerful set of tools that allow businesses to build custom apps, automate processes, and analyze data. Microsoft’s overriding goal with the Power Platform is to provide low-code tools for non-developers to create apps, workflows, and analytics which would previously have only been the remit of IT teams and specialists. With full integration with Teams, the Power Platform can take your base of operations to the next level.

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