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Worksighted Direct Overview

Getting started with Worksighted Direct

Worksighted Direct is a simple tool that connects you with the Worksighted Remote Support Team. In Worksighted Direct you can open support tickets, view status updates, and communicate with Worksighted Engineers.

Worksighted direct

Get started

Open the Worksighted Direct desktop app that has been installed on your PC.

Worksighted direct step 2

Personalize your account

Once Worksighted Direct is open, update your user settings to create a more personalized experience.

  1. Update your profile picture
  2. Add your title/position
  3. Add your phone number
Worksighted direct step 3

Open a support ticket

Use Worksighted Direct to open support tickets. Please use as much detail as possible when describing your issue to help our Engineers best support you. You can also view the current status of other open or closed tickets as well.

Worksighted direct step 4

Access training & tutorials

Worksighted Direct gives you access to training and tutorials you need to become a power user. Check back regularly as content is added when user needs arise.

Worksighted direct step 5

Check your notifications

Worksighted Direct allows you to see the current status of your support request. Worksighted will also use this tool to notify you of major changes or announcements you should know.

Worksighted Direct - Step 5

Admin – View All Tickets

For account admins, click Tickets and then View All Tickets to see all tickets submitted for your organization.

Get Support

If you have any questions about Worksighted Direct, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.