Get Support New PC Setup Guide

Congrats on Your New PC!

Now let’s get you to work.

 Use this guide to help you through your first few moments with your new PC. Get started by turning it on and then follow through the prompts below. At any point, if you need extra help just  submit a ticket.

Step 1:

  • (1) Power device on and work your way through the out-of-box experience. It is recommended that laptops be plugged in to power. Ethernet connection is preferred over WiFi.
  • (2) Make sure “United States” is selected and click Yes.

Step 2:

  • Skip adding a second keyboard.
  • Click Yes

Step 3:

  • Click ACCEPT for the Windows 10 License Agreement.

Step 4:

  • (1) Select “Set Up For An Organization”
  • (2) Click NEXT

Step 5:

  • (1) Select “Domain join instead” in the bottom left corner and continue.
  • (2) Click NEXT

Step 6:

  • (1) Name the account. This account will be deleted by us later, so calling it something identifiable like “setup” or “temp”.
  • (2) Click NEXT to proceed to the password creation screen.
  • You can leave this blank since we will be removing the account as part of our setup.

Step 7:

  • Select “No” for all the privacy options.
  • Click ACCEPT to continue.

Step 8:

  • Select “Not Now” for Cortana

Step 9:

  • (1) Click the Windows Start Button
  • (2) click on the “gear icon” for Windows 10 Settings.
  • (3) Click on “System”.

Step 10:

  • (1) In the left-hand menu, select “Power & Sleep“.
  • (2) Desktops – Set to “Never Sleep”. We do this to help maintain remote connection.
  • (2) Laptops – Set to “Never Sleep” for all the options that say “When Plugged In”. Leave “When On Battery” as the defaults.

Step 11:

  • (1) In the left-hand menu, scroll down to the bottom and select ABOUT.
  • (2) Click “Rename This PC” and name the computer the desired name.
  • Device must be rebooted for name change to take effect.

Step 12:

Step 13:

  • (1) Open TeamViewer and select “Run”
  • (2) Then Click “Next”

Step 14:

  • (1) Once open, your User ID and password will be displayed.
  • This is the information you will relay to your Worksighted engineer when they call you.

Get Support

If you have any questions feel free to submit a ticket. We are always here to help!