Chris McKenna:

Hi, I’m Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes and, in partnership with Worksighted, we want to bring you a series of short helpful videos so that you can protect your family from online danger. So, let’s jump right in.

Parents have you ever jumped when your phone dinged or notification happened in your pocket? See, whether you’re 14 or 40 we are programmed to check our phone when it notifies us.

Recently Sean Parker, one of the founding members of Facebook, he shared some unsettling things at Axios a Conference for IT professionals. It was there he talked about a situation where he, Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram where they were sitting around 10 years ago developing this thing that is Facebook today. And they knew what they were creating was taking advantage of psychological weakness in human beings.

This desire for validation, they called it a social-validation feedback loop that if they could get us to contribute content and then people commented and liked that content, it would fuel us to share more, and more and more. This is why Apps like Snapchat have invented features like Snapstreak. They know that if they can get a teenager worried about using their App, they’ve got them hooked.

I recently spoke at a high school where there was a junior who had a Snapstreak of 1,219 days, meaning this young man, for over three years, has woken up every day and consciously said to himself, “I need to send a Snap to my friend,” in other words he’s anxious. Snapchat has got him.

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