The Reboot

As businesses everywhere begin to uncover what their journey of returning to work will look like, our team is committed to helping you understand what has changed, how you should adapt and evolve, as well as provide additional resources to support you along the way. This includes:

    • Our Reboot Guidebook PDF
    • Post-COVID SWOT analysis worksheet
    • Power Hour™ sessions developed to guide your return to work

What’s in the Reboot Guide?

See how we planned our return to work

Download the Reboot Guide

Our Reboot Guide was developed to help provide clarity to our team on what to expect when they return to the office. From new conference room guidelines to work from home policies, use this guide to learn what steps we took to prepare our team and adapt it to your business’s Reboot strategy and give your team the clarity they need during these uncertain times.

reboot flipbook

Ready to Reboot?

The Reboot Guide

Unsure of where to begin planning as you prepare to bring employees back into the office? While this is new for everyone, our guide gives a practical example of our approach to return to work and can be used as a catalyst for discussion and decision making on your team. Download the guide for inspiration on how you should Reboot your workforce.

The Reboot Guide includes info about:

    • Our phased return to work
    • Building safety and cleaning
    • WFH policies
    • Screening protocol
Need a hand planning your Reboot strategy? Schedule a Power Hour that aligns with the needs of your team to make the most of this transition. 
SWOT Analysis

How well did your team respond to COVID-19?

Post-COVID SWOT Analysis

When an event like the COVID-19 pandemic pushes your company to adapt to a very different reality in a matter of days and weeks, it’s a good idea to look back and see what you can learn. This document will lead you through the simple process of identifying your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which will help guide a conversation with your team about how you can learn and grow from this experience as it relates to your COVID-19 response.

Once complete, schedule a Power Hour to review your responses with a Worksighted team member and learn how you can better prepare for future situations similar to this.

Need a hand developing a piece or all of your Reboot strategy?

Reboot Power Hour™ Sessions

What is a Power Hour™? A private, free 60-min exploratory consulting engagement with a Worksighted Engineer. We’d love to talk with you about the different opportunities and struggles your organization is facing as you prepare to enter into the new normal. We’ve defined four core focus areas, detailed below, make sure to select what you are most interested in. These include: 

Career Benefits


The future of work will likely include a need for hybrid collaboration solutions. Gone are the days of everyone gathering in a conference room around a whiteboard, we are ushering in the days where you will see teams spread out not only across offices but also across remote workspaces in homes and co-working offices as well. Are your collaboration solutions keeping pace with your team’s needs? 

Infrastructure for the Cloud


Have you heard the term cloud-sprawl? Many organizations rushed to adopt new technology in the past few months, in this rush, many normal processes were bypassed leaving security vulnerabilities. Are your cloud technologies secure? Schedule a time to meet with one of our security engineers to help identify gaps and make a plan to remedy.

Cloud Consulting Serivces

Remote Work

Many companies are rethinking their remote work policies and plan to provide an option for employees to continue to work remotely after restrictions lift. Do you have a long term plan in place to accommodate remote workers? From the right collaboration tools and cloud file storage to company culture and teamwork, there are many aspects to finding success with a remote workforce. We can help think through how to optimize your approach to remote work. 

Managed IT Services for SMB

Back to Work

The journey back to work might seem daunting, where to start? On one hand, you might be tempted to shift everything back to the way it was. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow, shift, and lean into how you might become better based on what you learned. Use the struggles you experienced to propel your organization into better ways of thinking, collaborating, and doing work. Not sure where to start? Let’s chat. 

Reach out to schedule a Power Hour™ or to learn more about planning your return to work. 

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