Most businesses in Michigan are making plans to head back to the office in the upcoming weeks but because of the threat of Covid, many are left wondering how to keep their employees safe. A big piece of the back to work puzzle includes cleaning and sanitizing. While you may feel confident sanitizing the break room counter, how about your laptop or shared technology devices? These are highly touched (and breathed on) surfaces, proper sanitation of them is key! 

I’ll be the first to admit that what we are about to share is not rocket science. It’s honestly more simple than you might guess. We’ll share what to do and what NOT to do, but remember it’s always best to go directly to the manufacturer for the best advice for your specific device.

Cleaning Tech Equipment

First off, let’s get a few things straight. Here are some of the things to avoid:

  • Don’t spray cleaner directly on any electronic device
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Don’t let water or liquid pool 
  • Don’t get moisture into any openings
  • Don’t use aerosol sprays
  • Don’t use any sort of abrasives

Four Simple Steps

Ok, so what should you do? For devices with non-porous surfaces (i.e. monitors, keyboards, mice, laptop, plastic surfaces) use the following steps: 

Cleaning Tech Equipment

Step 1: Power down and unplug

This will ensure that if liquid does seep into a place its not supposed to be, you will have time to let it dry before it tries to fire up again. It also protects you from electrocution. 

Cleaning Tech Equipment

Step 2: Wipe down surfaces with 70%+ isopropyl alcohol wipe

Make sure the wipe is moist (not dripping wet), if you are using a spray make sure to spray the liquid on a clean lint-free microfiber cloth and then wipe the device. Wipe the device including the exterior, display, keyboard, and other areas that may have been touched or breathed on… gently and quickly. Alcohol-based cleaners are best because they evaporate quickly. Make sure that liquid does not pool and make its way into any cracks or crevices. 

Cleaning Tech Equipment

Step 3: Use a clean, dry paper towel or lint-free, microfiber cloth to dry excess moisture 

In the case that excess moisture or liquid is left on the device, use a clean, dry paper towel or lint-free microfiber cloth to limit the liquid from seeping into the device. If you are noticing streaks, try using a microfiber cleaning cloth

Cleaning Tech Equipment

Step 4: Wash Your Hands

Increasingly important but is especially after cleaning a potentially contaminated device. Make sure to wash up! 

Work this routine in daily on personal devices and after each use for shared devices. This will help keep germs, viruses, and bacteria at bay and keep your team happy and healthy.

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