Microsoft Teams continues to prove itself as one of the most capable productivity & collaboration applications on the market today. With new features being tested/rolled out regularly, we will continue to update this post each month to share updates and our opinions on the newest enhancements available to Microsoft Teams users.  

Calendar & Desktop App Improvements (March 20, 2020) 

Improvements to the Teams calendar
Right-click an item in your calendar to pull up RSVP options, start a chat with meeting participants, or quickly join a meeting when it starts. Microsoft has also made improvements to the event scheduling form. Read up on how to schedule events at Schedule a meeting in Teams.

Work offline in the Windows desktop app
Read and create messages, even when internet is slow or goes out completely. Pinned chats and channels, along with previously viewed channels will also be available while offline.

Tag, you’re it!  (March 6, 2020) 

Create tags and assign people to them so you can @mention a group, role, department, etc. Team owners, try it out for yourselves. Go to a team, select more options
> manage tags. Learn more at Using Tags in Teams.

Edit a post shared in multiple channels (February 28, 2020) 

If you’ve ever posted an announcement to multiple channels and realized shortly after that you misspelled a world or left a typo in there, worry no more! Now you can edit you post just like you would in a single channel. To edit, go to more options   > edit to change the content of your post and add or remove channels. 

Pin your favorite apps (February 21, 2020) 

Microsoft Teams Updates

When using Teams day-to-day, you need quick access to the tools and apps you use frequently. Teams now allows you the ability to pin your favorite apps to the main toolbar (On the left side the application) alongside other main features such as Activity, Chat, etc. 
To enable, simply click on the “…” option on the toolbar, hover over the app you would like to pin, right-click, and select “Pin”. To remove pined apps, repeat process except for this time select “Unpin”. 

Swap views and pin them on iOS or Android devices (February 6, 2020) 

Switch between content (like a PowerPoint presentation) and participant videos during a Teams meeting. Or pin a specific person’s video so that you can always see them, even if they’re not actively talking.
Tap the active speaker tile in the bottom right corner of your screen to minimize the content and bring participant videos in focus. To pin someone’s video, tap the three dots on their tile, then select Pin.

Say no to echo (February 6, 2020)

Whenever you join a meeting on your phone while in a room that’s joined to the same meeting, Teams will automatically mute your mic and speaker to prevent an echo.

Read Receipts are here (January 28, 2020) 

Microsoft Teams Updates

Tired of wondering if your coworker saw that most recent IM you sent? Good news! Teams now has read receipts. Similar to how read receipts work on the iPhone, when you send a message to someone you’ll see a delivery receipt, and a read receipt (When the recipient finally looks at the message that is) indicating that they received it. A few things to know about this feature: 

  • By default, read receipts will turn on for everyone and will show in group chats with up to 20 members.
  • Your admin decides whether you have this feature and the ability to turn it off. 

Windows Server gets the desktop app (January 17, 2020) 

Teams desktop app is now supported and available for machines operating Windows Server (versions 2012 R2 and later). Admins, learn how to get Teams desktop app on your employee devices. Here is the download link.

Display names for everyone (January 10, 2020) 

Now, everyone gets a display name in Teams. Even people you chat with outside your organization. So, you’ll no longer have to remember that long email address when looking for an old conversation, simply search for the person by name.

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