Since most people are working from home, we have to think of new ways to keep employees engaged. Microsoft Teams is a great platform to hold engagement events & activities for remote workers. Activities can be used for friendly competition or “just for fun”. We plan to give each employee who wins a challenge an entry into a grand prize drawing that will take place when we are able to return to the office.

Here are some activities we’ve done at Worksighted to help employees stay connected!

Employee Engagement Microsoft Teams

Meme Contests

Create or find the best meme about technology (or social distancing!) and post on Teams. Employees will vote on their favorite by liking the post, most votes win!

Employee Engagement Microsoft Teams

Typing Contest

Use to give employees three tries and have them post their best score. Whoever has the highest words per minute (wpm) wins.


Use a “Social” channel where people post non-work related material. Send each person a BINGO card and “call out” (post) each number. The first person to get a BINGO and post it first wins!

Employee Engagement Microsoft Teams

Fun Facts Guessing Game

Have employees send in a fun fact that others may not know about them. Send out the list of facts and employees guess who they think the fact is about. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

Virtual Happy Hour

Host a virtual happy hour through Teams or Zoom to keep everyone connected. Keep things light and have a few questions to ask if the conversation turns negative.

Employee Engagement Microsoft Teams

MTV Cribs: Remote Edition

Time to show off our new workspaces! Have employees post a picture of their new work set up, including any new “coworkers” they have (such as kids, pets, or significant others)

Trivia BINGO

Create a private room on and see who knows the most random facts.

It has been incredible to see the ways we have all adapted to this new way of life, new inventions, new ways of fostering connection and new ways of getting work done. Want to jump into Microsoft Teams? Start with a Power Hour with one of our engineers to see if it’s the right tool for you.

Start Leveraging Microsoft Teams