Many businesses are investing in new digital technology to empower their employees and evolve into a modern business fit for future growth. However, a lot simply don’t have the expertise or experience within their personnel to do this effectively.

As a result, IT outsourcing has always been a popular option and a viable route to growth for businesses. Globally, businesses are spending more on IT outsourcing as they realize they need to shape up to compete in the digital age. In recent years, spending on outsourcing IT has risen. This will only continue to grow as businesses seek to take advantage of new technologies like the cloud, big data, and AI.

For those convinced that IT outsourcing is right for them, one question remains: professional services or managed services?

This blog will pit professional services vs managed services to help you decide which is best for you.

Outsourcing IT Can Help Businesses Grow

Every business relies on technology to help them achieve their goals – from business applications to devices to the infrastructure that powers all of this. First and foremost, all of this technology needs to be set up and then it needs to work. If something goes wrong, they need it fixed A.S.A.P.

Designing, implementing, managing, and supporting IT solutions can become a huge burden for businesses that lack technical IT staff in-house. Finding the right technology in the first place can be a challenge, especially while keeping to a budget. Then this needs to be deployed with as little disruption as possible and users need to be trained and encouraged to adopt the new system.

Outsourcing these IT requirements gives you access to expertise and experience you don’t currently have in your business. But it’s also a great way to cut costs—as it’s much cheaper than a full-time job role—and it leaves you free to focus on what you do best: running your business.

The main benefits of IT outsourcing are:

  • Gain invaluable IT expertise and experience
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Save time
  • Reduce risks
  • Free up employees to work on higher value work
Managed IT vs. Professional IT

Professional Services vs Managed Services

So, if IT outsourcing seems like the right choice for your business, the next question is whether you are going to opt for professional services or managed services. Let’s look at the main differences.

Professional IT Services

Professional IT services help businesses overcome specific challenges through a dedicated project, such as a cloud migration or the deployment of new hardware. This is a one-off project, but is often a comprehensive one—the scope can extend from planning and strategy through to design, implementation, adoption, training and can even involve future ongoing support.

 At Worksighted we offer professional services for business that need immediate help for a specific pain point or problem, including planning strategically for your future growth. Find out more about our professional IT services.

Professional services in summary: a short-term engagement to complete a specific project

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Managed IT services

Managed IT services help businesses with the day-to-day running, maintenance, and support of your IT needs on an on-going basis. You need technology that works today, tomorrow and beyond. Managed Services ensure your IT is helping you achieve your business goals at all times.

Worksighted’s managed IT services are with you all the way and can help with several on-going services including: remote IT support, vendor management, onboarding, proactive network monitoring and more.

Our teams work closely with you. We assign dedicated engineers who will visit you onsite to figure out the best solution for your business. Our remote support teams can be contacted at all times and a dedicated account manager will have an intimate understanding of your IT set-up and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Managed Services in summary: an on-going support package tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Click below to view the different managed IT support packages.

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Worksighted can help your business grow

How to choose between professional services vs managed services? The key to choosing the right option is to first understand the IT challenges your business faces. Many organizations will find one issue that is causing immediate concern – this would be perfect for professional IT services. However, if you are looking for a long-term, on-going solution, then Managed Services might be a better option. Whatever your goals are in regard to digital transformation, Worksighted has you covered.

The best way to start is with a free consultation with us at Worksighted.

At Worksighted our goal is to help businesses grow through cutting-edge IT solutions and services. Every business is different and requires specific IT requirements to help them unlock their full potential.

To learn more about professional services vs managed services and how we can help you grow your business, get in contact with us today.