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Our dedicated BCDR engineers have developed a simplified approach to helping businesses identify their risk, recover quickly, and minimize downtime.

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Kick things off with a FREE 60-Minute Power Hour™

What is a Power Hour™? A private, 60-min, exploratory consulting engagement with a Worksighted Engineer. You’ll receive a professional review of your data protection policies & procedures, recovery roadblocks, and opportunities to help secure & streamline your business continuity strategy. Here’s what you can expect from the session: 

  • Before: You’ll have an initial phone call with our team so we can pair you with an engineer that best aligns with your business & technology needs.
  • During: You will walk through a streamlined framework we’ve developed that helps you understand where your approach to BCDR stacks up against industry leaders.
  • After: We will use the information we’ve collected to compile a customized report that will serve as your atlas when navigating IT throughout the year.
Business Continuity

Business Continuity Solutions

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Ransomware Protection 
  • Cloud Backups
  • DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • BaaS: Backup as a Service
  • Microsoft Office 365 SaaS Protection
  • BCDR User Training 
  • SaaS Protection for O365 and G Suite
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Our Approach

Proactive in the Face of Disaster

Can you recover data and mitigate downtime when it comes to calamities like system failure, natural disasters, human error, or cyberattacks? Backup methods, such as tape, disk, or online only, are no longer sufficient in fully protecting your organization. Instead, you need more strategic disaster recovery plans to help proactively protect your systems and data against these types of digital disaster.

Powered by industry leaders and delivered by our dedicated BCDR engineers, our team helps businesses throughout the state rest easy knowing their systems are being monitored and their critical business data is protected.

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