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What is a Power Hour™? A private, 60-min, exploratory consulting engagement with a Worksighted Engineer. You’ll receive a professional review of your business challenges, IT roadblocks, and opportunities to help secure & streamline your cybersecurity strategy. 

What can I expect during the session?

  • Before: You’ll have an initial phone call with our team so we can pair you with an engineer that best aligns with your business & technology needs.
  • During: You will walk through a streamlined framework we’ve developed that helps you understand where your approach to IT stacks up against industry leaders.
  • After: We will use the information we’ve collected to compile a customized report that will serve as your atlas when navigating IT throughout the year.

Our Assessments

Move Forward with Confidence

The first step towards progress is a thorough understanding of your current situation. Our systems and workflow assessments will help you understand your complete environment and the opportunities to improve operations, arming you with the knowledge and context to create an effective plan and move forward with confidence.

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Our Assessments

Network Assessment

Network Assessment

Are you looking at rolling out new business applications on your network, or maybe having performance issues with the applications you already have? Our  Network Assessment uses leading assessment tools to identify network issues in your existing infrastructure, or to assess your readiness to begin network infrastructure development, expansion or upgrade projects.

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IT Security Assessment

Risk Review

Stay ahead of threats, prepare for compliance audits and employ accurate vulnerability coverage with a baseline security assessment, powered by our industry-leading partners. Worksighted’s Baseline Risk Review Assessment provides an accurate understanding of your organization’s infrastructure to help you identify potential security risks and promote compliance with security best practices.

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Cloud Assessment

Cloud Readiness

While the benefits of moving to the cloud are clear, often the complexity of migration and integration can impede actually getting there. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment can help by taking the mystery and uncertainty out of cloud migration and enable you to make strategic choices based on your unique business requirements.

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