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Navigate business transformation with an experienced partner. Worksighted equips you with fresh insight, proven processes and a rock-solid platform to unlock the full potential of your team. Our team helps you transform your process from barriers into breakthroughs and realize your vision by unlocking the full potential of your team.


It Started 20 years ago

IT Support Redefined

In 2000, we set out to serve small to mid-size organizations who value strong relationships, durable IT strategy and responsive service. As we’ve evolved into business transformation experts, hundreds of clients across Michigan know and trust Worksighted because the people behind the services earn it every day. Hand-picked and values-driven, our team is passionate about being your indispensable business transformation and technology superheroes. So yes, we’ll make your IT better, but you can count on us to make your day better too.

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Careers and culture

What We Value

Some companies put their values in a memo. Some put them on a plaque. We paint them on our walls.

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I am most comfortable dressed as a superhero

I know I can’t wear my cape and spandex every day of the week but when given an opportunity to be a hero to a customer or teammate I find myself frantically looking for a phone booth.

Worksighted Culture

I am a unique piece to the puzzle

You can tell by looking at me that I belong with this puzzle, it’s one of those giant 20,000 piece puzzles and it’s going to take some time to solve but without me there is a hole that can’t be filled.

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I focus on today but dream of tomorrow

Sometimes we put in a nickel and we get a plastic egg with green slime, but every once in a while there’s gold inside and that keeps me coming back for more.

Our Company Values

I scoop my dog’s poop

Sometimes I even have to keep it in my pocket because I forgot those little baggies.  It’s not my poop, sure, but it’s my dog and I own his poop like it were mine.

Webinars, Blogs, Events & More

Worksighted NXT & Tech Riffs

It’s no secret that we love technology, in fact some might call us full on nerds.  One of the most fascinating parts about technology is that it’s always changing, growing, shifting and it can be hard to keep up! Our team of experts are hard at work creating awesome content that helps distill what’s happening in the world of technology today.
Worksighted NXT includes our in-person events, blogs, webinars, and videos that are designed to help keep you informed about how technology can help your organization grow.
In 5 minutes or less, we cover a quick tech tip to help you be more productive. From the best features about a new app to how to clean up your Outlook inbox, Tech Riffs will help you better utilize your tech.

Our Community

Community Success is Business Success

We are committed to the health and growth of the communities where we live, work and play. In addition to philanthropic engagement of organizations that drive positive change, we also actively support our employees in doing the same.

Community and nonprofit organizations also benefit from a strong processes and platforms. For this reason, we offer discounted rates to nonprofits. We provide strategy, management and support to many nonprofit organizations throughout Michigan, and we’re proud to be a part of helping them achieve their goals and increase their impact. We built Worksighted by investing in our community, and that won’t be changing any time soon.

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