Today’s workers are part of a 24/7 world.  They work from the office, home, coffee shops and airplanes.  In fact, according to Global Workplace Analytics approximately 20-25% of the the US workforce teleworks at some frequency. Telecommuters paired with those who travel for work, off-site meetings and late-night home sessions make a good case for work technology mobility.

Here are four ways you can give your on-the-go employees a technology edge.

Battery Life: 

When employees are on the go it’s not always easy to charge up. The last thing you want is a presentation shutting down because of a dead battery. Provide longer lasting batteries, so your employees can work seamlessly for long periods of time.

Touch Screens

Have you sat in an airplane recently? How about a crowded table or bus? Touch screens can make all the difference when elbow space is limited.  Not to mention they are more convenient than a touchpad or trying to travel with a mouse.

Lighter devices: 

At one point a heavy machine meant a tough machine, but the glass and structure of laptops has evolved. You no longer need to carry around a brick laptop to withstand the normal bumps of life. Carrying a lighter device will be easier for your traveling employee.

Wireless Docking:

 When workers do get an opportunity to sit in their office, the last they thing they want to do is fumble around with cords. Set up wireless docking stations so the transition from travel to work is seamless.

Providing these tools doesn’t have to be overwhelming; Worksighted’s team of professionals can help make work better for your traveling employees.  We can even make the process… refreshing.

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