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Blog | 2 minute read

5 Things I Love About Windows 10

By: Matt Becker  I’ve been a Windows user for a while. Think Windows 3.1. I did my first install of Windows 95 from a giant stack of floppy disks.  Suffice it to say, Windows is my favorite operating system –...
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Cloud Services | 3 minute read

Our 5 Takeaways from Microsoft Inspire

Overall, going to Microsoft Inspire helped us understand the landscape of what the next few years will hold. Here at Worksighted, we are energized by the future, and with these updates from Microsoft, it looks like we are in for a wild ride. If you want to talk to an expert on how these takeaways might affect you, make sure to drop us a line!
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News | 2 minute read

February Update: Intel CPU Vulnerabilities

On January 3, 2018, Intel announced a set of vulnerabilities that affect every computer, phone and server with an Intel processor. These vulnerabilities have been assigned the names “Meltdown” and “Spectre”. This flaw has existed for approximately 20 years and could allow malicious applications to access protected information stored by other applications on the computer. Because of this announcement, the application of monthly Microsoft Operating System Patches was compromised.
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