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Avoiding Scams on Social Media
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Data Breaches Tech Riff

How to Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

I am very excited because today for the first time I'm actually having with me on the show somebody from outside of our organization who's going to give us some of his industry level expertise in the area of cybersecurity.

Using Microsoft Flow with Outlook and Forms

We’re gonna to get started by going into portal.office365.com. It’s gonna bring us to this section just like we’ve been to a few times. Now we’ve been using Forms and Flow pretty frequently lately, so it’s already showing up in our apps. If it’s not there you just want to go ahead and go to explore all your apps.

Microsoft Forms Explained in 4 Minutes

Getting information from people can really be a hassle. Perhaps you have a signup or a survey or even a quiz that you wanna send out, gather the information, and put it into something like Excel. Microsoft has a product called forms and it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s go ahead and take a look.

Microsoft Flow Explained in 4 Minutes

What Microsoft Flow gives us the ability to do is take something that’s monotonous and repetitive, and automate it. For example, we may have a series of events in our Google Calendar that we need to sync to our corporate outlet calendar.

5 Things You Might Not Know about Outlook

In today’s day and age, pretty much everything we do revolves around email. If you’re like me, you can have a whole bunch of email accounts that you’re trying to manage.

Protect Young Eyes with Chris McKenna

We are at our Worksighted NXT speaker series event, where we just got done listening to a talk from a brilliant person named Chris McKenna.
Dropbox Overview Tech Riff

Dropbox Showcase Overview

Showcase essentially takes your Dropbox file structure as it is, and make it a little bit more pretty so that you can share it with people outside of your organization. If Dropbox Paper is all about collaboration, Showcase is all about sharing.