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Blog | 3 minute read

4 Things to Do to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

As I was scrolling across social media this past weekend, I saw a post that caught my eye and made me think. This post was from another mom who was concerned about her children’s well-being when using technology. This mom...
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Security | 2 minute read

Return-To Email Scam

What exactly does an e-mail scam look like? While they can vary in how they appear, the most common scams have become easy to detect. Here at Worksighted, we have seen a number of scams recently that take advantage of...
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Security | 4 minute read

The #1 IT Security Threat to Michigan Businesses

In West Michigan, the greatest risk to security that comes to small, to mid-size businesses (SMBs), is without a doubt email-based threats. Here at Worksighted, we see various cyber threats daily, however, every day we see two main types of threats: “I need a favor” emails and phishing emails.
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News | 2 minute read

PDL / OXY Data Breach

12/3/2019 Initial Info: On December 1st we were alerted of a large breach of information contained in the PDL and OXY database. The source of this data breach is still unknown. The details are still somewhat unclear, but here is...
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News | 5 minute read

What you missed at GrrCon and The Cyber Summit

Author: Rick Elder  I had the opportunity to attend two cybersecurity conferences this fall. The first was GrrCon 2019, which was held in Grand Rapids on October 24th and 25th. The second was the North American Cyber Summit on October...
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Security | 3 minute read

Trojans, Worms and Malware (Oh My!)

If you have logged on to the internet, picked up a newspaper, or generally not been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ve heard a lot about malware, viruses, and crypto.  Do you know what they are...
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