Tech Riffs

Our Thoughts on GrrCON 2018

Earlier this month, Worksighted sent team members to attend the well known GrrCON event. GrrCon is an annual conference that gathers hackers and IT security professionals from all across the country to come and learn more about their passion. This includes a handful of presentations from security and hacking experts, along with hands-on activities that test your own ability to hack. We asked our team to review their notes and share some thoughts on this year's event.
Long Term Care

Technology for Long-Term Care: 4 IT Challenges and Solutions

The healthcare sector is set up to benefit from recent advances in technology. From online chat forums making it easier for patients to access medical advice at home to apps that track heart rates between medical appointments, the potential is vast.

Is Your Data More at Risk From External Cyberattacks or Internal Security Threats?

If we have learned anything from the recent Facebook data mining controversy, it’s just how far some companies will go to harvest this precious marketing resource. It may not be surprising then that data has been called the new oil. From recognizing customer trends to gleaning insights into greater operational efficiency, data is what companies in every industry are using to get a step up on the competition.
Tech Riff

Security Mistakes from the Field

Today I have a very special guest with me. His name is Cody, and he’s a field engineer out of our West Michigan office. Cody, thanks for joining me today.
Backing up iPhone to iCloud

Backing up Your iPhone Using iCloud

Today, almost everything you do lives on your phone, whether it's email, photos, documents, all sorts of stuff. It's really great because it's right at your fingertips.

What to Do When Letting an Employee Go

When you wrote down your goals for 2018, “experiencing what it’s like to let an employee go” probably didn’t fall in your top ten. In fact, it wasn’t on the list at all. Let’s be real: you didn’t go into business to fire. You want to hire, hire, hire. Unfortunately, letting employees go - because of their own choices or unfortunate company conditions - is often part of the gig. And from an IT perspective, certain steps must be taken, regardless of your emotions.

Backup & DR: Keep Your Business Safe

When you have digital assets, don’t flaunt them, protect them. We’re talking IT backup and disaster recovery (DR) systems, you know, proven safeguards against cyberattacks and malware and hardware failures and natural catastrophes.