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Blog | 2 minute read

Worksighted Welcomes New Team Members

Welcoming New Team Members After all of the rapid change and uncertainty of 2020, our team has been looking forward to 2021. In Q4 we were able to ramp up hiring new team members including filling some awesome new positions...
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Blog | 5 minute read

Art of Orange // 2020 Recap

At Worksighted, we treat relationships with our clients like a work of art – combining our team’s unique values, passion, and dedication together to deliver a truly one of a kind experience, and ultimately a long term partnership. Whether it’s...
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Blog | 3 minute read

Wellness @ Worksighted

Here at Worksighted, our wellness team works hard to provide several opportunities for our team members to pursue wellness at work and home! Catering a salad instead of pizza, hosting a zombie-walking challenge, helping with a gym membership, or encouraging walking meetings are just a few of the ways we incorporate holistic wellness into our workplace culture.
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