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Blog | 5 minute read

Teams Voice FAQ

Microsoft 365 Business Voice (aka Teams Voice) is bursting onto the phone system scene as organizations rush to adopt more cloud-based technology. Although it’s making a big splash now, it’s been around for a while in the form of Microsoft...
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Microsoft | 11 minute read

2020 Updates for Microsoft Teams (Ongoing)

Microsoft Teams continues to prove itself as one of the most capable productivity & collaboration applications on the market today. With new features being tested/rolled out regularly, we will continue to update this post each month to share updates and...
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Microsoft | 5 minute watch

Microsoft Teams How | Autocomplete Challenge

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool. We use it here to help keep things moving smoothly and to encourage collaboration between teams. We wanted to be able to answer some of the most common questions out there about Microsoft Teams... But we decided to take a unique approach. In this episode of Tech Riffs we take on the google autocomplete challenge for "Microsoft Teams How..."
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