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Manufacturing | 4 minute read

Building Smarter Factories: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital transformation has become a must for businesses that want to increase productivity, stay competitive, keep their customers happy, and attract and retain the best talent. An industry that is seeing real change from this is manufacturing. The emergence of cloud computing, Big Data, and IoT solutions can enable dramatic change for manufacturers of all sizes; improving planning, logistics, product development, and more.
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Security | 4 minute read

Is Your Data More at Risk From External Cyberattacks or Internal Security Threats?

If we have learned anything from the recent Facebook data mining controversy, it’s just how far some companies will go to harvest this precious marketing resource. It may not be surprising then that data has been called the new oil. From recognizing customer trends to gleaning insights into greater operational efficiency, data is what companies in every industry are using to get a step up on the competition.
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Culture | 4 minute read

How Can You Prepare For The Future Workplace?

It is increasingly difficult to predict what waits around the corner for businesses. As workers and consumers, we are constantly inundated with new tools and new ways of working; social media, artificial intelligence, automation plus many more, have ingrained themselves into our everyday lives.
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