Change Management Healthcare

Why Change Management in Healthcare is Essential for your IT Deployment

With a steady stream of innovations coming to market, not to mention hype around everything from 3D printed implants to artificial intelligence, it’s an exciting time for healthcare technology. However, as with any new tech, the benefits are only realized when that tech is being tangibly used.
Long Term Care

Technology for Long-Term Care: 4 IT Challenges and Solutions

The healthcare sector is set up to benefit from recent advances in technology. From online chat forums making it easier for patients to access medical advice at home to apps that track heart rates between medical appointments, the potential is vast.

Backup & DR: Keep Your Business Safe

When you have digital assets, don’t flaunt them, protect them. We’re talking IT backup and disaster recovery (DR) systems, you know, proven safeguards against cyberattacks and malware and hardware failures and natural catastrophes.

Hyperconverged Systems for SMB

In the world of enterprise computing, converged and hyperconverged systems are taking over more and more datacenters. They combine high performance and reduced management costs.

2017 IT Goal: Convergence with the Business

If you’re not there already, a major IT goal for 2017 should be convergence between IT and the business it serves. “Alignment” implied separate entities, but success in a rapid-change business climate requires union.

Storing Medical Data in the Cloud

From doctor-patient confidentiality to insurance non-disclosure agreements, we do all we can to ensure our medical data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands—and for some healthcare organizations, this makes the idea of storing such data in the cloud quite alarming.
healthcare network

How many networks do you need?

The average healthcare organization has at least four kinds of network users on site at any given time. There are medical devices and there are healthcare professionals. There are administrative workers and there are patients. For network administrators the question is which of these users should share networks.

Hospice of Holland selects Worksighted as Dedicated IT Partner

Hospice of Holland, a local nonprofit and provider of hospice…