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Blog | 4 minute read

Time to upgrade your environment for hybrid working

The era of hybrid work is upon us. Organizations and employees everywhere are realizing the benefits of this new, flexible model that gives people unprecedented freedom over where they work – on-premises, at home, or anywhere else. However, some are...
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Blog | 40 minute read

Hybrid Work Ask Me Anything Webinar

Hybrid Work – Ask Me (Us) Anything So much has happened in the past year and there are still significant changes on the horizon. Many organizations will open up their offices in the upcoming weeks and months. While each team...
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Blog | 42 minute read

NXT Webinar | The Future of Employee Experience

Check out this webinar with Adam and Becca to dig into how you can leverage technology to cultivate a digital employee experience (EX) that rivals the potlucks and ping pong tables of the past. A strong employee engagement program includes...
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Blog | 5 minute read

4 Top Tips on How to Use Microsoft Teams Effectively

Businesses everywhere have put Microsoft Teams at the core of their digital workplaces. The platform has unrivalled potential to support effective and efficient modern collaboration, bringing together remote and on-premises employees, and giving them the tools they need to work...
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