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Blog | 3 minute read

Wellness @ Worksighted

Here at Worksighted, our wellness team works hard to provide several opportunities for our team members to pursue wellness at work and home! Catering a salad instead of pizza, hosting a zombie-walking challenge, helping with a gym membership, or encouraging walking meetings are just a few of the ways we incorporate holistic wellness into our workplace culture.
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News | 5 minute read

Awesome Developments in Downtown Holland

The energy was unmistakable. Scanning the room, there was hardly an empty seat. The line stretched to the door. Baristas were everywhere, taking orders, preparing drinks, and answering questions. College students were collaborating on projects. Retirees were catching up on the latest news. Coffee fanatics were analyzing the taste of their beverages - and it was only 7:30 a.m.
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Community | 4 minute read

Our Favorite Places to Work Remotely in West Michigan

You’ve lost your motivation. You can’t come up with any good ideas. You are stuck staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor. Sure, getting up for another stroll through the office could work, except it didn’t the previous nine times. The receptionist is starting to wonder if you are OK. You feel guilty because you work in a beautifully-designed office – people on the outside so want to work here. Cheer up, that’s why third places were invented.
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