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Blog | 3 minute read

Your Healthy Culture Starts With Trust

Here at Worksighted, we are proud to give our West Michigan community enterprise-class and relationship-driven IT support. In addition to that, we are honored to provide a community within the walls of our workspace that empowers and inspires our employees...
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Business Leadership | 3 minute read

Starting Fast

The phrase “fail fast” has gained a great deal of popularity.  It’s a concept I love. Try something, find out quickly that it isn’t working and then adapt and change.  This kind of thinking minimizes cost, minimizes risk and helps...
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Professional IT Services | 4 minute read

Driving Digital Transformation: Should You Prioritize Technology or Culture?

The reality is that the digital workplace is no longer something that companies should think about for the future. It’s well and truly here. And organizations who are already driving digital transformation have a clear advantage. Meanwhile, the window is shrinking for the rest to begin their digital transformation journey. Soon they will be too far behind their competitors. So, what’s stopping companies from driving digital transformation?
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