Your Digital Transformation Strategy: No Longer a Question of ‘If’, but ‘When’.

Digital transformation is when a company integrates digital technology into all areas of their business as a reaction to the growing digital climate. Culturally, however, it’s a steady evolution that requires companies to experiment with emerging technologies and processes.

Start Empowering Firstline Workers with Modern IT

There’s a lot written on the topic of digital transformation. Yet, there’s often a focus towards one particular type of ‘workplace’, namely the office. But what about how organizations are empowering firstline workers on the shop floor, for instance?
Holland Young Professionals

Worksighted Expands Partnership with Holland Young Professionals

Most people are lucky to launch one successful organization in their 20s. But for our longtime leaders, Mat Nguyen and Barry Rice, redefining IT support wasn’t the only goal for their post-college years.
Dropbox Overview Tech Riff

Dropbox Showcase Overview

Showcase essentially takes your Dropbox file structure as it is, and make it a little bit more pretty so that you can share it with people outside of your organization. If Dropbox Paper is all about collaboration, Showcase is all about sharing.

Five Things to Start Using Your AI Bot For

Welcome to another episode of Tech Riffs. My name is Killian and I'm a systems engineer here at Work Sighted. Every day a lot of us use different AI bots like Siri or OK Google to do the quick internet search or try some things with hands-free calling. Though flawed, these AI bots are actually capable of so much more.
millennial workplace

Building a Sustainable Millennial Workplace

 It’s predicted that millennials will make up 35% of the workforce by 2020 and up to 75% by 2030. If companies want to attract and retain the best talent for the future – as well as keep them happy and productive – should they be doing more to shape a millennial workplace that better reflects the expectations and requirements of millennial workers? What would this workplace lo
Top 5 to-do apps Tech Riff

Top Five To-Do List Apps

Hey, remembering stuff is hard. That's why people have put about a billion different to-do list apps and put 'em in the app store. Today I would like to go over five of my personal favorites, tell you why I really like them, and maybe some stuff to watch out for on 'em. Let's go ahead and get started.

February Update: Intel CPU Vulnerabilities

On January 3, 2018, Intel announced a set of vulnerabilities that affect every computer, phone and server with an Intel processor. These vulnerabilities have been assigned the names “Meltdown” and “Spectre”. This flaw has existed for approximately 20 years and could allow malicious applications to access protected information stored by other applications on the computer. Because of this announcement, the application of monthly Microsoft Operating System Patches was compromised.
Ransomware Tech Riff

What to do When Being Ransomed

So, Chris is one of our help desk technicians, he's a subject matter expert across a lot of different things. Bringing him in today to talk a little bit about ransomware. When we did our West Michigan IT report, we polled a whole bunch of businesses all across West Michigan, we found that about half of the security breaches that take place, they're all related to ransomware.

Our Favorite Places to Work Remotely in West Michigan

You’ve lost your motivation. You can’t come up with any good ideas. You are stuck staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor. Sure, getting up for another stroll through the office could work, except it didn’t the previous nine times. The receptionist is starting to wonder if you are OK. You feel guilty because you work in a beautifully-designed office – people on the outside so want to work here. Cheer up, that’s why third places were invented.