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How to Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

I am very excited because today for the first time I'm actually having with me on the show somebody from outside of our organization who's going to give us some of his industry level expertise in the area of cybersecurity.
Ferris Coffee

Awesome Developments in Downtown Holland

The energy was unmistakable. Scanning the room, there was hardly an empty seat. The line stretched to the door. Baristas were everywhere, taking orders, preparing drinks, and answering questions. College students were collaborating on projects. Retirees were catching up on the latest news. Coffee fanatics were analyzing the taste of their beverages - and it was only 7:30 a.m.

Weighing up the Pros and Cons of vCIO Services

In the age of digital transformation, technology, servers, and even job roles are being virtualized. This new kind of job role is gaining traction as a cost-effective way to provide smaller companies with the senior experience and expertise of an executive role like the CEO, CTO, or CIO. Today, we’ll be covering the latter to help you decide whether vCIO services might be right for your company. To do that, it helps to know the role inside out.

Is Your Data More at Risk From External Cyberattacks or Internal Security Threats?

If we have learned anything from the recent Facebook data mining controversy, it’s just how far some companies will go to harvest this precious marketing resource. It may not be surprising then that data has been called the new oil. From recognizing customer trends to gleaning insights into greater operational efficiency, data is what companies in every industry are using to get a step up on the competition.

Driving Digital Transformation: Should You Prioritize Technology or Culture?

The reality is that the digital workplace is no longer something that companies should think about for the future. It’s well and truly here. And organizations who are already driving digital transformation have a clear advantage. Meanwhile, the window is shrinking for the rest to begin their digital transformation journey. Soon they will be too far behind their competitors. So, what’s stopping companies from driving digital transformation?

Using Microsoft Flow with Outlook and Forms

We’re gonna to get started by going into It’s gonna bring us to this section just like we’ve been to a few times. Now we’ve been using Forms and Flow pretty frequently lately, so it’s already showing up in our apps. If it’s not there you just want to go ahead and go to explore all your apps.
Collaboration Tools

The Evolution of Document Collaboration Tools

Document collaboration tools have played a vital role in our changing workplace. Previously, working together on a document was a case of passing around hard copies and performing edits by hand. Today, we have the tools that enable the simultaneous co-editing of documents in the cloud. This is key to digital transformation.

Microsoft Forms Explained in 4 Minutes

Getting information from people can really be a hassle. Perhaps you have a signup or a survey or even a quiz that you wanna send out, gather the information, and put it into something like Excel. Microsoft has a product called forms and it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s go ahead and take a look.

Microsoft Flow Explained in 4 Minutes

What Microsoft Flow gives us the ability to do is take something that’s monotonous and repetitive, and automate it. For example, we may have a series of events in our Google Calendar that we need to sync to our corporate outlet calendar.

Your Digital Transformation Strategy: No Longer a Question of ‘If’, but ‘When’.

Digital transformation is when a company integrates digital technology into all areas of their business as a reaction to the growing digital climate. Culturally, however, it’s a steady evolution that requires companies to experiment with emerging technologies and processes.