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Blog | 2 minute read

Phishing Attempts on the Rise During COVID-19

The internet is swarming with phishing attempts and malware sites related to Covid-19. These sites are designed to prey on your emotions like curiosity and anxiety and fear. They’re promising information on cures, supplies, information from the World Health Organization...
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COVID-19 | Updates from the Worksighted Team

March 12th Update March 16th Update March 17th Update March 25th Update March 27th Update March 27th, 2020 Join us for a LIVE webinar with Adam as he provides a quick intro into how to set up Microsoft Teams. While...
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FAQ | 4 minute read


Mobile Email Instructions Table of Contents: iPhone: Remove Account Add Account(Already Enrolled in Duo) Add Account(Enroll) Remove Account with Images Add Account with Images Android: Remove Account Install Duo Mobile App Install and Configure Outlook App iPhone Instructions: Steps to...
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Blog | 3 minute read

2020 Updates for Microsoft Teams (Ongoing)

Microsoft Teams continues to prove itself as one of the most capable productivity & collaboration applications on the market today. With new features being tested/rolled out regularly, we will continue to update this post each month to share updates and...
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