About this Webinar

If you are like us, you have struggled to find a productivity tool that works for multiple teams across your company. Each team seems to adopt their own app or methodology which makes working across teams extremely difficult. Microsoft has been hinting for years that they are planning a big overhaul of their productivity tools so they will all be built right into Office 365. Well, that day has (almost) finally arrived!

During this live webinar, Adam will showcase Microsoft’s big four in productivity: To-Do, Planner, and the newly announced  Lists and Tasks. The best part? They will all work together across your favorite Microsoft 365 apps and can be accessed right in Teams.


  • Overview of productivity apps
  • Demo of To-Do
  • Demo of Planner
  • First look at Lists
  • First look at Tasks
  • Q&A

Next Steps

Schedule a Power Hour with our team to discuss your collaboration and productivity goals and make a plan to get your team setup for success.

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