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Microsoft | 5 minute watch

Microsoft Teams How | Autocomplete Challenge

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool. We use it here to help keep things moving smoothly and to encourage collaboration between teams. We wanted to be able to answer some of the most common questions out there about Microsoft Teams... But we decided to take a unique approach. In this episode of Tech Riffs we take on the google autocomplete challenge for "Microsoft Teams How..."
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News | 5 minute read

What you missed at GrrCon and The Cyber Summit

Author: Rick Elder  I had the opportunity to attend two cybersecurity conferences this fall. The first was GrrCon 2019, which was held in Grand Rapids on October 24th and 25th. The second was the North American Cyber Summit on October...
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Tech Riffs | 5 minute watch

How to Back It Up with Microsoft OneDrive

Hello there and welcome to Tech Riffs, my name is Killian and today's tip for being that tech superhero in your organization, is all about backing it up. We cannot express enough how important backing up your work is. Even beyond work, things like pictures, projects, settings and honestly there are so many things that accumulate over time, we don't even know how important they are until they're gone.
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Blog | 3 minute read

Your Healthy Culture Starts With Trust

Here at Worksighted, we are proud to give our West Michigan community enterprise-class and relationship-driven IT support. In addition to that, we are honored to provide a community within the walls of our workspace that empowers and inspires our employees...
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Blog | 2 minute read

Extending Virtual Memory for Solidworks

Have you ever been working along in Solidworks and noticed that you get a pop-up error stating something like “Available system memory is running low, close some applications to free memory”? While this pop-up can be annoying, it’s not necessarily...
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