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Construction & Engineering | 4 minute read

Build the Future Today: Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

Digital transformation in the construction industry is delivering on its promise to shake up the foundations of work and what can be achieved. New cloud-based technologies are allowing more to be done by construction workers on site as well as back at company headquarters, empowering workers, streamlining processes, and driving productivity.
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Security | 6 minute read

Our Thoughts on GrrCON 2018

Earlier this month, Worksighted sent team members to attend the well known GrrCON event. GrrCon is an annual conference that gathers hackers and IT security professionals from all across the country to come and learn more about their passion. This includes a handful of presentations from security and hacking experts, along with hands-on activities that test your own ability to hack. We asked our team to review their notes and share some thoughts on this year's event.
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