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Blog | 1 minute read

Worksighted NXT Webinars

Sign up for Webinar Invites Each month, we gather a few of our top engineers for a webinar discussing tech industry trends, tools, tips and what you need to know to help your organization grow. In the past we’ve covered...
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FAQ | 1 minute read

AnyConnect VPN Installation

Below are instructions to install and use the new AnyConnect client to connect to your company network Note: If you have the older Cisco IPsec VPN client installed, you do not need to remove the VPN client before installing AnyConnect....
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FAQ | 2 minute read

Connecting to a Meraki VPN using Windows 10

Worksighted has deployed a VPN connection to your workstation. There are two methods that can be used to connect to the VPN:  Option 1 (Recommended) – Connect via the Windows 10 Settings App  Click on your Start menu in the...
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Blog | 3 minute read

4 Things to Do to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

As I was scrolling across social media this past weekend, I saw a post that caught my eye and made me think. This post was from another mom who was concerned about her children’s well-being when using technology. This mom...
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Blog | 2 minute read

5 Things I Love About Windows 10

By: Matt Becker  I’ve been a Windows user for a while. Think Windows 3.1. I did my first install of Windows 95 from a giant stack of floppy disks.  Suffice it to say, Windows is my favorite operating system –...
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Security | 2 minute read

Return-To Email Scam

What exactly does an e-mail scam look like? While they can vary in how they appear, the most common scams have become easy to detect. Here at Worksighted, we have seen a number of scams recently that take advantage of...
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Security | 4 minute read

The #1 IT Security Threat to Michigan Businesses

In West Michigan, the greatest risk to security that comes to small, to mid-size businesses (SMBs), is without a doubt email-based threats. Here at Worksighted, we see various cyber threats daily, however, every day we see two main types of threats: “I need a favor” emails and phishing emails.
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