Even the most beautifully designed office can seem stuffy after a while, especially as we head into the winter months. Being cooped up inside loses its charm after a while, and we all long for some variety. When a quick walk around the office isn’t enough to refresh your spirits, sometimes a total change of scenery is needed. These are some of our favorite places to work remotely in the greater Grand Rapids area.


Sometimes you just need a change of routine in the AM. Here are a few places where you can kick things off, or camp out all day.


Madcap Coffee

When it comes to the craft of coffee, few approach the level of Madcap. This roastery and cafe serves some of the most expertly prepared cappuccinos and lattes, and their pour over bar offers a curated selection from their roastery. Their coffees are featured in restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops throughout the country, so if you’re looking for a cup of liquid gold to kick your day off, look no further.

Learn more at: madcapcoffee.com

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JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar

Located smack dab in the middle of downtown Holland, JP’s brews coffee from Grand Rapids-based Ferris Coffee & Nut and offers an assortment of baked goods perfect for starting your day off right. With easy access to downtown shops and restaurants, as well as an inviting space with ample booth and table seating, JP’s continues to be a Holland institution and is a perfect place to get away and get things done.

Learn more at: jpscoffee.com

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Lantern Coffee Bar

This two story cafe in downtown Grand Rapids is located in an unassuming corner right across from Cooley Law School, but its cozy environment and inviting art gallery vibe are a welcome change of scenery from a bustling office. The spacious basement offers armchairs and warm lighting to chase away the winter chill, and their coffee brewed from Populace Coffee roasters in Bay City, Michigan, will kick your mind into gear.

Learn more at:lanterncoffee.com

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Lemonjello’s Coffee

Located a stone’s throw away from downtown Holland, this vibrant coffee shop offers delicious baked goods made in-house and coffee from Madcap Coffee and Halfwit Coffee Roasters, as well as ample outlets and fast WiFi (a must for the remote worker). With a big yellow mug of coffee costing only $2, with $0.50 refills, it’s easy to camp out at Lemonjello’s all day.

Learn more at: lemonjellos.com

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After a morning of meetings and work, it’s easy to go stir-crazy sitting at a desk. When you feel like it’s time to grab a bite, a cup, or something stronger, you might try one of these places.

Lyon Street Café

Serving a variety of delicious baked goods and sandwiches, the Lyon Street Café is a popular spot to stop by for a bite and a cappuccino or espresso. Plus, after 4:00 p.m, the café serves craft beer, allowing you to wind down or simply give you a change of pace to finish out your day. On the way out the door, you can also stop by Nantucket Baking Company or the Martha’s Vineyard specialty grocery to pick up something for dinner.

Learn more on Facebook: Lyon Street Café

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Grand Armory Brewing Company

For those further afield, Grand Armory is a great place to get away from the office for a while. While its quiet environment and good beer are plenty reason to stop by to get some heads-down work done, the building is also home to Aldea coffee and Righteous BBQ, in case you need a pick-me-up or a quick bite of brisket.

Learn more at: grandarmorybrewing.com

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Our Brewing Company

If you strictly want a place to kick back a beer and tune the rest of the world out while you crank out some work, Our Brewing Company is an ideal spot. Free popcorn, fast WiFi, ultra small-batch beer and a quiet daytime vibe make this a great place to get focused while you close the day out. If you get a bit peckish, they have carryout menus from many downtown Holland restaurants.

Learn more at: ourbrewingcompany.com

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