3CX recently announced the release of version 8 RC3. This will be the final release candidate before the official launch of Version 8. Version 8 brings a number of new features as well as improvements and updates on existing features. Here’s a quick list of the major updates:

  • Improved fax server – now tested with large number of incoming faxes
  • Improved restore procedure for customers not running the US promptset
  • Include ability to receive faxes from select VoIP providers that support T38
  • Myphone bug in forwarding rules not showing.
  • Improved 3CX Assistant performance & reliability
  • Fixed Installation bug in Voip phone dll.
  • Added Italian prompt set
  • Added VAD server components to the build – makes it easier to use 3CX Voice Application Designer
  • Improved Call Reporter
  • Added VoipVoice IT VoIP provider

For more information about Version 8 or to download the Release Candidate 3, go to http://www.3cx.com/blog/releases/3cx-phone-system-v8-rc3-available/.