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The 3 Steps to Overcome Remote Working Security Issues

In a post-COVID world of remote and hybrid working, your security will have to work harder to keep your organization protected, as a dispersed workforce poses new security challenges. And what’s more, the cybersecurity threat is ever-evolving, so the only way to overcome remote working...
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Blog | 40 minute read

Hybrid Work Ask Me Anything Webinar

Hybrid Work – Ask Me (Us) Anything So much has happened in the past year and there are still significant changes on the horizon. Many organizations will open up their offices in the upcoming weeks and months. While each team...
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Blog | 1 minute read

How To Send Emails From Outlook To Teams

How To Send Emails From Outlook To Teams So you have Teams and you have Outlook. Now what? Wouldn’t it be great if you could share an email to Teams with all the attachments to a single contact instead of...
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