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Tech Riffs | 7 minute watch

How To Do Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do keeps getting better and better with a growing list of integrations in Office 365. Killian gives a quick tour around in this episode of Tech Riffs. All right, go ahead and RSVP to the company party. Check. Go...
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Tech Riffs | 4 minute watch

Shortcuts to Higher Productivity with Windows 10

One of the greatest keys to becoming a superhero in your organization is to have a deep understanding of the tools of your trade. In this episode, we concentrate on shortcuts for Windows 10. Taking time to learn these simple shortcuts can add up to hours worth of added productivity.
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Microsoft | 5 minute watch

Microsoft Teams How | Autocomplete Challenge

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool. We use it here to help keep things moving smoothly and to encourage collaboration between teams. We wanted to be able to answer some of the most common questions out there about Microsoft Teams... But we decided to take a unique approach. In this episode of Tech Riffs we take on the google autocomplete challenge for "Microsoft Teams How..."
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Tech Riffs | 5 minute watch

How to Back It Up with Microsoft OneDrive

Hello there and welcome to Tech Riffs, my name is Killian and today's tip for being that tech superhero in your organization, is all about backing it up. We cannot express enough how important backing up your work is. Even beyond work, things like pictures, projects, settings and honestly there are so many things that accumulate over time, we don't even know how important they are until they're gone.
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