Microsoft | 11 minute read

2020 Updates for Microsoft Teams (Ongoing)

Microsoft Teams continues to prove itself as one of the most capable productivity & collaboration applications on the market today. With new features being tested/rolled out regularly, we will continue to update this post each month to share updates and our opinions on the newest enhancements available to Microsoft Teams...
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Microsoft | 4 minute read

4 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams Is the Best Collaboration Software for Businesses

...merge entirely into Microsoft Teams. Bringing together different tools into all-purpose, omnichannel collaboration hubs. This will allow employees to switch seamlessly between video chat, instant messaging, email, and document collaboration. Reason 3 – New Features are Being Added Every Day Like most of Microsoft’s latest technology, Teams is an evolving...
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Microsoft | 5 minute watch

Microsoft Teams How | Autocomplete Challenge

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool. We use it here to help keep things moving smoothly and to encourage collaboration between teams. We wanted to be able to answer some of the most common questions out there about Microsoft Teams... But we decided to take a unique approach. In...
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Blog | 5 minute read

Teams Voice FAQ

...secured, and HIPAA compliant? Here is a pretty good overview on Teams & HIPAA  Features What are the features of Microsoft Teams Voice? Here is a list of all the current features of Microsoft Teams Voice When using Microsoft Teams Voice, can you transfer calls to another user from the...
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