New Dell Ultrabook Designed for Business!

Dell’s new Ultrabooks are the perfect companion to any business user seeking a high performing, light weight laptop. The Dell Latitude 14 weights in at just over 3 lbs and is only 21mm thick. Plus the laptop can be docked … Continue reading

Lync: Connecting People Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to be connected to people at all times, especially colleagues and customers? If you are looking for an easy constant flow of communications with others, than Microsoft Lync is exactly what you are looking for. Microsoft … Continue reading

Windows 8.1: The START button is back!

The single feature requested the most from our customers was a return of the START button.  Microsoft listened and with Windows 8.1, users can enable the button.  That’s not the only feature Microsoft added.  Here’s a list of the more … Continue reading

Ruckus Wireless upgrades Zoneflex 7300 Access Points

As a leader in the Wireless industry, Ruckus Wireless continues to improve upon their technology and introduce wireless solutions that are both price competitive and unmatched from a quality standpoint.  Whether you are looking to provide wireless capabilities to a … Continue reading

Discover the Advantages: 3CX Phone System Version 12

3CX IP Phone System version 12 will available soon! With the latest release, 3CX enhanced the desktop client making it more user friendly and improving features available within the client.  Similarly, with the 3CX mobile app, 3CX made it even … Continue reading